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Comparing car insurance policies has become much easier with the advent of the internet, and has simplified the process further. Whilst some sites have a plethora of information and multiple options for different types of insurance and vehicles, this site focuses on car insurance for those wishing to pay by monthly instalments.

The look of the site is refreshingly businesslike: The landing page includes useful information on quote renewal, and how to get the best deal on monthly car insurance. That is all, apart from a large red button that positively invites the user to proceed.

This stripped-down format works well, promising to provide a much less tedious process than many other comparison sites, and this is confirmed after clicking the button. The process of obtaining a quote proves simple, and a 'process map' at the top of the screen shows the user their current stage out of a total of four. This encourages the user to complete the process to the end, and simple option boxes also make each stage quick to complete.

Many of the options are selectable from a drop-down box, for instance, make and model of car. This further encourages the user to proceed, knowing that the program will accept the answers.

Two user-friendly features make use of this site pleasant: instructions are given on how to enable cookies on a variety of different browsers, and there is an option for saving completed quotes. This removes a great deal of the frustration inherent in similar formats, increasing the accessibility of the site.

This site is easy to use on both smart phones and desktop devices, and the format is largely identical. Its simplicity makes it ideal for use on smart phones and tablets, and whilst some problems were encountered populating fields on a Sony Experia SP, this is more likely to be caused by an issue with the device itself. In any case, it is far more user-friendly than many similar formats, so a re-vamp of the site would be unnecessary.

The site could be criticised for being too 'niche' and focusing too heavily on car insurance paid by monthly instalments: However, it is this that lends its simplicity, and this makes it a go-to site for car insurance quotes.  Overall a 'thumbs-up'.

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